Achitex Minerva Spa carries on its own evolution developping the “SR” project, which initials identify the specific products for the screen printing field. 

Under Minerva´s brand, our Group has always been present in this field and today, thanks to the experience gained during the years and the professionalism that distinguishes itself, it has been possible to widen its own range in order to meet the always more specific requests from customers and brands working in this field. Our company offers to its customers a range of products suitable for serigraphy within the most important law, which provides for the absence of harmful substances such as PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde, etc.. 

The “SR” range borns today with new “cracking” effects, with more effective corrosion applications, with extremely soft elastic pastes, ready-to-use pastes that never dry during the process. 
We will add soon other new products to this range, following trends and requests of the end users. 


“SR” are not only initials, it´s a new mission: our mission!