Did you know…?

Achitex Minerva can provide a complete range of GOTS products for your textile process.

For the sizing process, the following products are recommended, totally GOTS without any restrictions:

  • ACHISIZE G 40 - sizing product suitable for cotton, viscose and blended yarns.
  • CONALUBE ECO 020 - biodegradable coining oil, without anti-splash additive. Designed in order to reduce the weaving problems due to a bad insertion of the weft. It useful for post-sizing process.
  • ACHITINA GO - anionic wetting agent, foaming free 
  • ACHISTAT 073 F - antistatic agent to avoid the formation of rolls on the cylinders and preventing the accumulation of statistical electricity on fibres such as wool, synthetics and blends. 
  • ACHIWAX RF - lubricant and softener for sizing and after-waxing.

To desizing the fibers, it’s possible to use ECOLASE HN, with enzymes,
or ECOPON LO, enzymes-free.